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  • 09-14 New Energy
  • 97-08 Traditional Power
Now | Energy Internet
Now | Energy Internet
Now | Energy Internet
  • 2019
    Awarded as the Outstanding Contribution Company of the EV Charging Industry for two consecutive years
  • 2018
    Export business expanded rapidly, accelerating global market layout
  • 2017
    Launched solar + energy storage + charging integrated system of SSE Sci-tech Park
  • 2016
    Rated as China’s Top 10 EV Charger Brand for two consecutive years
  • 2016
    Developed SPC series energy storage inverter
  • 2016
    Independently develop, construct, operate Whyalla 61MW solar + energy storage power plant
  • 2016
    Established SSE Research Institute
  • 2015
    SSE Stock listed in “National Equities Exchange and Quotations” of China
  • 2015
    Launched SSE Smart Cloud Platform
09-14 New Energy
09-14 New Energy
09-14 New Energy
  • 2014
    Initiated the EV solar powered system for commercial application
  • 2013
    First export of EV charging products, offering charging service for electric buses in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
  • 2013

    SSE invested RMB 510 million Yuan to construct SSE Industrial Park, which was put into use in December 2015.

  • 2012
    SSE was named as “China's Top Ten electrical innovation enterprise”.
  • 2010

    SSE first launched the MW-class grid-connected PV inverter.

  • 2009
    Setting up the new energy R & D center, officially entered the new energy industry of solar power generation and new energy vehicles charging.
97-08 Traditional Power
97-08 Traditional Power
97-08 Traditional Power
  • 2008
    Established the first overseas branch in Australia
  • 2007
    Recognized as China’s “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plans” 
  • 2004
    Established Shanghai branch, opening a new chapter in the development of international market
  • 2003
    Developed China’s first parallel active power filter industrial application product with international advanced level
  • 2000

    First passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in the industry and passed all supervisions and audits since then

  • 1997

    Foundation of Surpass Sun Electric Co., Ltd. 

    Developed the world’s first high voltage AC motor liquid soft starter

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