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SSE 3-in-1 charger connected to major EV models in Europe market

Date :2018-12-04 Hits:110

SSE AC&DC 3-in-1 charger was successfully commissioned at the gas station in Bilbao Airport, Spain on November 28th, providing charging services for mainstream European and Japanese standard EVs, such as Renault ZOE, Hyundai IONIQ and Nissan Leaf, etc.

Just one week ago, SSE European standard DC charger was successfully applied in Craiova, Romania, charging for BMW i3 electric car. This time in Bilbao Airport, there are lots of Japanese standard EVs besides European models. SSE AC&DC 3-in-1 charger is well suited to meet the diverse charging needs of the electric taxis coming to the gas station.

SSE EU standard DC charger connected to BMW I3

SSE 3-in-1 AC&DC charger connected to Hyundai IONIQ

This charger is equipped with two European standard charging interfaces and a Japanese one, can provide AC and DC charging services at the same time, perfectly compatible with all kinds of EVs. With diverse charging options, it can be widely used in gas stations, large bus parking lots, highway service areas, urban public parking lots and other locations.

On the debugging site, the chargers have been successfully charged for several mainstream European and Japanese standard vehicles. Its strong compatibility and excellent product performance make customers admire. The first batch of gas stations at Bilbao Airport will put six AC and DC charging piles into operation. In the next two years, they will be extended to 300 or 400 gas stations throughout the country, and will be fully deployed throughout Spain.

From national standard to European standard and Japanese standard, SSE is constantly innovating charging technology and products. At the same time, its business is expanding rapidly from Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia to Europe, Oceania, South America and other markets, providing safe and efficient charging services for more and more new energy vehicle users.

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