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Delhi's First Electric Bus Launched, SSE Charger Entering India

Date :2018-12-10 Hits:100

Recently, Surpass Sun Electric(SSE) received a thank-you letter from our Indian customers, sharing the good news of Delhi's first electric bus launch and appreciate the green power supported by SSE, which marks the formal entry of SSE charger into the mainstream charging market in India.

Following the announcement of a ban sale of fuel vehicles by European countries, India also proposed a comprehensive electrification plan for 2030 last year. Buses, taxis and government vehicles are the main directions of the promotion of new energy vehicles at this stage, but the charging infrastructure construction is still relatively in short.

The electric bus launched by the Delhi transport company under the Ministry of Transport of India is the first batch of electric buses in Delhi. The supporting charging facilities are 120kW dual-connector DC fast chargers from SSE. This series of chargers can charge two vehicles at the same time, or charge a bus with two connectors simultaneously at twice the speed. Once full charged, the bus can run over 200km, which can meet the operation needs of the whole day. SSE also docked the communication protocol for customers to support remote monitoring of the chargers with the background.

The cooperation has won recognition in India's mainstream charging market for SSE. In 2019, the Delhi government will continue to strengthen charging infrastructure construction by aggregating public sector demand and bulk procurement. SSE will also keep providing more high-quality charging products and services in the future and help promote India's comprehensive electrification process.

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